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  1. Adding Customers - single and batch

  2. Agregar clientes a la base de datos

  3. Amazon: How do I send emails with Attachments?

  4. Base de datos y perfiles de clientes

  5. Bulk adding customers

  6. Campaña de correo masivo

  7. Clientes repetitivos correos personalizados

  8. Como Funciona Español

  9. Customizing your email templates

  10. Do you have multiple autoresponders for specific ASIN products?

  11. Does WaveReview comply with Amazon's Terms & Conditions?

  12. Enabling and utilizing SMS

  13. Formato de texto y diseño en las plantillas de correo

  14. Grupos y la secuencia de correos

  15. How do I add a logo to my email templates?

  16. How do I change when I want my emails to go out?

  17. How do I edit and change my emails?

  18. How do I enable SMS messaging?

  19. How do I get started?

  20. How do I insure a smooth transition from Feedback Genius to WaveReview?

  21. How do I set up my Amazon Account?

  22. How do I setup/activate my Mindbody account?

  23. How do I shorten the product name in the emails?

  24. How do I stop sending emails to customers that have already left reviews?

  25. How do I stop sending emails?

  26. How do the WaveReview Variables work?

  27. How to view and respond to comments

  28. Insertar una imagen o logotipo en las plantillas de correo

  29. Leer y responder a comentarios

  30. Mensajes de texto (SMS)

  31. Repeat customer email logic

  32. Responding to customer comments

  33. Sending emails after a certain number of visits or purchases

  34. Standard Email Configuration & Groups

  35. To post a review does my customer need an account with the site?

  36. Understanding group and email timeline logic

  37. Viewing customer profiles

  38. What are Groups and what is their function?

  39. What are Templates?

  40. What happens if I change plans?

  41. What is "days to send review requests"?

  42. What is the easiest way to add or create groups?

  43. What is your Privacy Policy?

  44. When are emails sent to guests?

  45. Why do variables show up in my test email?

  46. Why would open rates be high, but conversion rates low?

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