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What are Groups and what is their function?

Groups are comprised of a chain of automatic email correspondences sent to a particular bucket of customers. This is the engine that drives reviews (“ReviewEngine”).

All of your customers are placed into a default group called “Regular Clients”, “Social_Network_Name” or in the case of Amazon merchants the "All Amazon Customers". Our ReviewEngine automatically sends this group your pre-set email templates.

The default group has a default sequence, which is different depending on the type of account, but is ready to start sending your emails. This sequences are based on our experience and knowledge about how to get reviews, but you may customize them according to your business and needs.

For Amazon merchants our application synchs with Seller Central to identify all your individual products/SKUs. In effect, each product is its own group.

You may choose to add more groups and to differentiate them by type (e.g., VIPs), by product (e.g., SKUs), or by social review sites you wish to push them towards. For example, Amazon merchants will have all users posting product feedback within Amazon, but for a shopping cart outside of Amazon may send users to Google+. Other businesses may have one group sending users to TripAdvisor and Google + and another group sending users to Yelp and Google+. WaveReview is very versatile.

You can also create groups for testing purposes and to iterate your sequence structures towards optimizing email open rates and/or surveys completed.

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