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Standard Email Configuration & Groups

We provide four pre-set email templates for all customers:  

1. Thank You Survey – Initial email sent to thank customers for their business and to request that they complete a simple two question survey which indicates whether they had a positive or neutral/negative experience.

2. Positive Response - If survey response is positive, customer receives an auto follow-up email requesting they post this positive feedback to the social review site(s) of your choosing.

3. Negative Response - If survey response is negative, customer receives an auto follow-up email with apology and indication that you will contact them to address the problem. 

4. Resend Positive Response - This email is sent to customers who indicated they had a positive experience from Email 1, but did not open Email 2.  The purpose of this email is to give the customer another opportunity to leave a review on the social review sites you’ve selected.  

For Amazon, there are three pre-set email templates:

1. Amazon Follow-up - Warm email thanking customer for their recent purchase and requesting their honest product feedback with hyperlink to product page.

2. Resend Amazon Follow-up - Sent only to customers who did not open the first email, this follow-up email is a gentle nudge requesting product feedback.

3. Positive Seller Feedback AutoFollow - This email is sent to customers who have provided positive seller feedback.  The email body contains the positive comments with a link to the product, simplifying the process for them to post their product feedback.

Though the email templates have been tested and optimized over time, we encourage you to modify existing templates and to create new templates based on the needs and optimal experience of your business.

Groups are comprised of a chain of automatic email correspondences sent to a particular bucket of customers. This is the engine that drives reviews (“ReviewEngine”). 

All of your customers are placed into a default group called “Regular Customers” , “Social_Network_Name” or in the case of Amazon merchants the "All Amazon Customers"..  Our ReviewEngine automatically sends this group your pre-set email templates.

You may choose to add more groups and to differentiate them by type (e.g., VIPs), by product (e.g., SKUs), or by social review sites you wish to push them towards.  For example, you may have one group sending users to TripAdvisor and Google + and another group sending users to Yelp and Google+.  You can also create groups for testing purposes and to iterate your sequence structures towards optimizing email open rates and/or surveys completed.  

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