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Does WaveReview comply with Amazon's Terms & Conditions?

Absolutely!  WaveReview complies fully with all guidelines in Amazon’s messaging policy.  Using our automated platform you, the seller, send requests to purchasers of your products to leave honest reviews. 

Amazon is very clear on how WaveReview works, what we do, and our methods. We understand that Amazon rules do not permit sellers to include links or references to non-Amazon websites in their email communications, nor are you permitted to send an email address in the body of your message.  That said, our default templates are yours to edit.


Here are a few things that concern Amazon and how we address each of them:


Links to any websites 

We do not send links to any websites. Links to Amazon pages ARE allowed.  Links within our email templates lead directly to your products.  The WaveReview web address that appears in some of our other templates is not present in ANY Amazon templates.

Links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts
We don't send to Storefronts or "detail" pages, Amazon purchasers are sent directly to where they can leave a review on tier product purchased or the merchant they purchased from.

Seller logos if they contain or display a link to the seller's website 
Seller logos placed inside our templates do not contain any hyperlinks.  You may customize your logos in other ways, but we don’t permit them to include the web address or hyperlink.

Any marketing message or promotion  
No marketing messages are used by any of our Amazon users. The default set up of our templates are two (2) emails sent to a purchaser to obtain a product review and one (1) email sent to purchaser leaving 4-5 star Seller Feedback asking the customer to review the product as well. An additional email requesting Seller Feedback once a product arrives can be added.

Any promotions for additional products or referrals to third-party products or promotions
As above, it is not a default purpose of configuration of our system. If an Amazon merchant re-configures something in violation of this, or any, Amazon Policy, we notify the merchant to cease such activity so as not to violate Amazon’s policies.

Keep in mind that WaveReview is connected to Amazon's API and all outgoing & any incoming messages are routed through their server for complete transparency.  It's not unlike the messaging service they provide within your Seller Central Account in some regards, but more robust & more effective with a better conversion rate.  The emails come from you, the seller, rather than from Amazon (which most buyers are conditioned to ignore as a glorified receipt or marketing contact).

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