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How do I change when I want my emails to go out?

All of our emails are managed from the Email/SMS drop down on the top navigation bar. Click on this button, and select the Groups option.

From there, you will see on the left all of your Groups. If you're an Amazon customer, this will be where your product SKU's will be. There is a search option in the lower left hand side to search and find the specific SKU you would like to change, find the SKU/Group and select it. 

Once you have selected the Group you want to change the emails for you will see on the right or middle pane, the sequence of emails with a timeline showing which days you want to send out the email.

To delete an email from the sequence, simply click on the X button to delete, and confirm deletion.

To change the day, click on the pencil icon on the placeholder - square box - for the email and in the first text box on the email settings, change the number of days you want to change the email to go out. 

Click Save.

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