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How do I get started?

The core functionality of WaveReview is to generate positive reviews for your business. 

Step 1 -- Login and check your email templates. To do this, go to Email/SMS >> Email Templates >> and click on the template that you want to edit.  There are four pre-set templates provided by WaveReview. Click on each of these to view and to decide if you want to change any of them. Don't forget to click save.

Step 2 - Test your emails by sending to yourself.  To do this, go to Email/SMS >> Email Templates > Send Test Email. 

Step 3 - Send yourself 2 emails.  Fill out one of the surveys positively, and the other negatively or with a neutral response.  Are you happy with the emails? If not, go back and correct. 

Step 4 -- It's time to send live data. Here are some Instructions to import a batch or group of users from MS Excel. If you are an Amazon customer, you don't need to do anything. Amazon will send the customers to WaveReview on a daily basis, and your customers will automatically receive the appropriate emails.

Step 5 - Be diligent on importing your customers because if you are not adding customers on an ongoing basis, the reviews won't flow in.


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