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How do I shorten the product name in the emails?

Q. In my Amazon listing, my products have very long titles. When a product is mentioned in an email, I'd prefer the product name to be shorter than the name that is pulled from Amazon. In the WaveReveiw application under "Groups", I have a group for each product (SKU), along with the shortened product name. However, it appears that the actual emails are set to be sent from the All Amazon Customers group. Since there is no product name entered under the All Amazon Customers group, would %amazon_product_name% pull the product name from the Amazon listing title, or from the group that matches the appropriate SKU?

A. The entire product name is imported when you sync your seller central store to WaveReview. The WaveReview "variable" will then pull the name from that user group "Buyers of {Your SKU}". You only need to change it within the group to a shorter product name. But keep in mind that if you re-sync your inventory at some point in the future, you may have to go in and shorten those names again. Wavereview doesn't pull that product name directly from Amazon for each email but from the group information. You may edit this name at Emails/SMS > Groups, then click on the pencil icon of the product group you want to change and change your product name to a shorter or better one for your business.

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